Welcome to use LINSEMAO wallet, get 30% off

We are very happy to introduce our new payment system. The LINSEMAO wallet greatly simplifies the payment process, and you can get 30% off. The wallet balance can be used to purchase membership or purchase videos, and the order will be completed within 1 minute.

How to top up

You could top-up with PayBis

1.Visit My Wallet and enter the top-up amount, with a minimum of $75.

2.Click ADD, and select Bitcoin payment on the checkout page.

3.Buy Bitcoin from PAXFUL, there are over 200 payment methods.

4.After the transaction with the seller is completed, the bitcoin will be in your PAXFUL wallet, click send.

5.Enter the Bitcoin address and amount in the order of LINSEMAO.

6.Wait for about 30 minutes, and the TOP-UP will be completed automatically..