Sell Your Videos

Sell your videos and we’ll get you paid. The specific steps are:
1. Select the video you want to sell and click to start uploading;
2. Send an email to with the title [Video for Sale + File Name + Your Username], and write the necessary description in the content of the email, such as the location and time when the video was shot.
3. Wait for our review, usually within 3 days, if your video is accepted, we will contact you by email, tell you the amount you will receive, and ask you to provide your bitcoin wallet address. If your video isn’t accepted, we’ll also let you know why. Please note that we will only transfer money via Bitcoin, if you do not have an account please do not upload videos.

The resolution of the video must be greater than 1280×720, and the valid duration must be greater than 10 minutes. If your video is not long enough, you can upload multiple videos and combine them for calculation. Video must be original without any editing.

The video must be a voyeuristic or hidden camera video. Depending on the type of video, the price of the video will vary, as follows:

a, Korean ip camera video, including sex and masturbation. $30 per video.
b, Korean toilet voyeur video, $30 per video.
c, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong ip camera video, including sex and masturbation. $10 per video.
d, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong toilet voyeur videos, $10 per video.
e, other Asian voyeur videos, depending on the content of the video, $5-30 per video.

10 US dollars is about 70 yuan, 13000 won, 1400 yen.